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[AV Media Matters] Unsubscribe requests

As several have commented - the way to unsubscribe is NOT to send the
message to the list - this is true for ALL listserves. I have NOT
removed all of the requests due to the obvious nature of them. The
problem is now solved - and it should not happen again. Those of you who
STILL wish to unsubscribe after the problem is solved can do so by using
the following procedure which was sent to all list members on July 14 as
an email entitled - Instructions for Unsubscribing...

Instructions on Unsubscribing    Jim Lindner
  Jul 14, 2000 17:11 PDT
There are several ways to unsubscribe from any topica managed list. The
first suggestion is that you may want to use topica to manage your lists

- it is very convient to do that - simply set up an account at
when you are setting it up make sure that you are managing this email
list. Once you have done that you can put any list on hold or
unsubscribe and there are other options. If you do not wish to do this,
then here are the instructions on how to do it via email according to
the topica help page - for obvious reasons I am unable to try it out.

Send a blank message to: listname-u-@topica.com (substituting
"list name" for the name of the list such as
topicatips--@topica.com. Do not enter any text in the subject
line or body of the message.

 again - sorry for the problem.


Jim Lindner - President
VidiPax - The Magnetic Media and Information Migration Full Services
Telephone 212-563-1999
Moderator of A/V Media Matters@topica.com

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