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Re: RE: [AV Media Matters] Email Problems

I too unsubscribed as I thought our server would overload - I have
been deleting these by the hundreds and was worried it would knock
out my other mail as we have limited space.
we could subscribe as soon as it is sorted out.
I am sure most of us who find the list useful will be back on it.

Shubha Chaudhuri

>Reply to the list and Graeme Jaye's post below:
>I was the person to first contact the Smithsonian IT help desk this morning
>to alert them to the problem and get it turned off.  When I logged on today,
>I had 647 of these emails from Wford.  I thought a temporary unsubscribe
>note to the listserve would be a quick way to automatically shut off the
>flow.  I work in a military operations environment in which precious little
>network bandwidth is available for non-military uses.  This torrent of
>emails had the potential to overload the system, and who knew whether it was
>some kind of virus.
>In fact, the very helpful Smithsonian network administrator I spoke with
>told me they are utterly baffled by this, as they do not have anyone by the
>name of Wford who works at the Smithsonian, and that the address subdomain
>attached to Wford does not exist!  So they are not sure who initiated this,
>or how it happened, but they are checking.
>Unsubscribe for me, as I'm sure for others, was just a prudent, temporary,
>prophylactic gesture, if you will.
>Tom Dickinson

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