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Re: [AV Media Matters] Email Problems

Hi William

William> I am getting a lot of repetitive email on this listserv from
William> the following address:Wford@ic.si.edu I think he must have
William> soem kind of virus that is causing his server to send
William> repetitive emails to the AV Media Matters listserv.

It's not a virus - just the autoresponder incorrectly set to reply to
its own messages.

Every time it receives a message it replies with 'I'm not in the
office....' and sends it to the list.  Then it receives *that* reply
on the list and sends out *another* 'I'm not in the office....' ...
and so it goes.

I wrote to the address given in the reply for emergency contact and
have received a reply saying they will sort it out.  Others (who are
nearer than me) have telephoned and got much the same response.

On that basis, it should all sort itself out over the next 24 hours.

What amazes and, I have to say, somewhat disappoints me, is the number
of unsubscribe mails this problem has generated.  Are people really so
impatient as to start unsubscribing from such a useful list as soon as
a minor problem like this appears?

Unlike many people here, I actually have to *pay* for my access, but I
still didn't unsubscribe immediately the problem became apparent.

What I *did* do was to write to the perpetrator (whose mail address is
in the offending message) and ask them to sort it out. Stuck me as a
far more sensible thing to do.

Deleting the unwanted messages was a matter of moments.

Graeme Jaye


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