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[AV Media Matters] Archiving of video and audio

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I know that this topic is one of ongoing development. However, I am
interested to know where we are today.
I am working on helping organisations develop digital video and audio
recording systems for the long term archival of proceedings. The areas
are parliamentary and court proceedings.
In both these areas it is becoming increasingly important to provide for
the long term archival of the recorded information.
We are currently using a digital audio software package for court and
parliamentary proceedings that directly archives MPEG-1 Layer II audio
onto CD. The recordings are mainly used for transcript and review, so
fidelity is not so much of an issue, as intelligibility and longevity.
The recording of video for broadcast is a different issue, and I am
looking for information on appropriate long term archival methods and
migration policies.
It is only now that the organisations we are involved with are
considering the long term implications, and I would very much like to
give them some informed opinion.
Thank you.
                         Rod Louey-Gung
                         Integrated Media
           Tel (08) 8945 3760   Fax (08) 8945 4003
                          GPO Box 4131
                             Darwin 0801
                          Northern Territory

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