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Re: [AV Media Matters] Barrium Ferrite posted for Ian Gilmour

Yes, monkey with your machines, and THEN how do you play your older tapes?
And does the diferring tape formulation wear the heads a different way?

Joe Salerno
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Subject: [AV Media Matters] Barrium Ferrite posted for Ian Gilmour

>Scott and colleagues.
>We did some fairly thorough tests on Ba-ferrite tapes for Digital
>SP Betacam and DAT within the last 12 months and we found two main
>Firstly the coercivity and particle orientation are quite different from
>the standard metal particle tapes so it's difficult to record a strong
>level with a uniform envelope unless the machines are modified - and who
>wants to start fiddling with the manufacturer's specs on their
>Secondly, the binders are still a conventional polyester-polyurethane,
>which reacts with moisture by hydrolysis in long term storage, so even
>though the magnetic particles are stable, you may still end up with an
>unplayable tape.
>I would agree with JimW about sticking with some of the respects brands
>they're not perfect but they're much better made. Even the housings on
>Ba-ferrite tape samples we assessed were not up to the best standards.
>Feel free to post this to the list - I'm not signed on at the moment.
>Ian Gilmour
>Manager, Engineering & Research Group
>ScreenSound Australia
>[the National Film and Sound Archive]
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>Canberra City ACT 2601 Australia.
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