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Re: [AV Media Matters] Mould on 78 Records

Hi Mr. Jaye,

We have made available materials for the safe & thorough cleaning of
shellac & vinyl discs for over 7 years following more than a decade of
development & evaluation.  The Cleaner & associated brushes will remove
mold & mildew & by thoroughly removing biological feedstocks from the disc
surface make it very difficult for new growth to  become
established.  This
cleaning system also works equally well on Diamond Discs,
lacquers & acetates.


Duane Goldman

At 12:48 PM 5/23/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi Guys and Gals
>I am about to take on a fairly large job, which involves the transfer of
>(among other things) a fair number of 78 recordings.
>I have looked at a few of these - said to be representative of the bulk -
>and they are generally in a fine condition, many unplayed.
However, I did
>notice that a small proportion had small spots of mould on them.
>Mould is not really a problem we have ever needed to worry about
>here.  The
>relatively few 78's we see have usually been played to death by their
>owners and mould has never been given a chance to take hold!  This
>collection is an entirely different kettle of fish.  If anyone can give a
>few pointers about how to handle the problem of mould on shellac records,
>then I shall be extremely grateful.  On or off list, as you prefer.
>Obviously, I need to clean it off (although I assume it will have eaten
>into the material).  The spots I have seen are very minor and I
>doubt if it
>will prove to be an audible problem.  More important, perhaps, would be
>some advice about how to prevent this happening again, if that is
>Also, while I am on the subject, some of these recordings will need to be
>re-pitched.  I know *when* the official changes of concert pitch
were made
>- but does anyone have a broad view as to when these got into the
>mainstream of playing?  To clarify, a' was standardised at 440Hz in 1939,
>but how long would it have been before this change was actually reflected
>by the majority of orchestras?
>Many thanks in advance
>Graeme Jaye
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