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RE: [AV Media Matters] Inks, labels

Steve Smolian
smolians@erols.com wrote to the AV-Media list:

>I'd appreciate comments on the following notice which I am
considering now
>including with CD-Rs.

>"A water-based ink was used to mark this disc.  Adhesive labels
and other
>inks would possibly have compromised its life span."

Good start, but I think I'd add a little to it and write it as follows:

"A water-based ink was used to mark this disc.
Current archival research indicates that adhesive labels
and other types of inks could possibly compromise the
anticipated CDr life span."

While on the subject, are there any thoughts on thermal printers
like those
made by Rimage?  They produce full color screen printing-like
results, without
possible solvents like the labels and some write-on inks.
It sounds like one solution to the problem, albiet an expensive
one for the
casual user.

... Graham Newton

Audio Restoration by Graham Newton, http://www.audio-restoration.com
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recordings for consumers and re-releases, featuring CEDAR processes.

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