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Re: [AV Media Matters] Wire Recorder

In a message dated 05/02/2000 4:34:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
bbwms@umit.maine.edu writes:

> We have an old wire recorder built into a cabinet combined with a radio
> and turntable yclept the AIR KING 4700 built by the Hazletine Corp. of
> Brooklyn, NY, using RCA patents.  The unit lists itself at 117 volts,
> 60 cycles, 95 watts.

Unless you are trying to restore the unit for its own sake (and
modifying it
and removing it from its cabinet argue against that) and just
want to be able
to reproduce wire recordings, I would suggest getting a
Webster-Chigago unit
such as the one at



These units often sell for $20 to $40 (though apparently not on
Ebay).  They
have better and more serviceable mechanisms and also have built
in line level
inputs and outputs.

The combination turntable and wire types depend on the rim-drive
for speed regulation which is never very reliable, even for records.

As for the electronics, if it produces good sound, the capacitors
must have
survived full voltage reforming, but their life span is
questionable.  I have
too often seen smoke pouring from equipment of this vintage even
after it has
been in use for many hours without problems.  The only safe
approach is to
replace all electrolytic and paper capacitors that are more than
a quarter
century old.  Otherwise do not leave it on unattended and use it
for short
periods at a time only.

Mike Csontos

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