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[AV Media Matters] stuck on sticking

The assertion that labels lasting 2 years are considered permanent is highly
questionable.  While I have no experience with labels on CDs, from my
experience with shelf location labels in archives and records centres,
longevity is not a problem with good quality paper labels.  The important
part of the process seems to be getting good adhesion.  In setting up a
storage facility with over 20,000 location labels, we scuffed the painted
surface (heat cured paint) with steel wool.  Nine years later absolutely no
label loss.  (I admit to early stage concerns about coming in some morning
and finding 20,000 labels floating down to the floor).

Another example of good label life and adhesion is the annual vehicle
license plate stickers and fuel tax stickers on trucks.  These are applied
winter and summer.  They survive extreme heat and cold, extensive direct
exposure to sun light, bumps into snow banks, car washes etc.

The label industry has quite a good track record for durability in many
environments much harsher than an archives.

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