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RE: [AV Media Matters] Film cans

Hello, Cheryl.

One of the best plastic enclosure design for film and mag rolls
comes from a Canadian company: Stil Designers, 125 Dalhousie,
Quebec, (Qc), G1K 4C5, manufacture these according to a design
developed by NFB/ONF.

Fax number: (418) 694 1621; telephone: (418) 694 0449; e-mail:

Just call or write Frédéric Lapointe. You can also obtain a sample
of their product.

The plastic (polypropilene) "cans" are ventilated, so film can
breathe, and acetic vapors can be absorbed by the air conditioning
and filtering system in the vaults (you will surely install such a
system). This plastic material is completely inert to acetate film.

The Yankee neighbors down south have a similar product (don't
remember the company name now), but I think you'll fare better with
Stil Designers.

Good luck with your project.

José E. Llufrío

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