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RE: [AV Media Matters] Storage of ME video cassettes

Here at the vault we store all magnetic media at 45 degrees F. (7
C.) at 25% RH.

We feel these are the optimal conditions for long term storage and
preservation. We?re trying to extend the life of the binders rather
then the particles or base material which are both very robust. When
the binder absorbs moisture it begins to fail. Most likely these
storage conditions are colder and dryer than the manufacturers would
suggest. But here in the real world, things often look different
than through the filters that the manufacturers need to look
through.  I?ve worked for a manufacturer before I went into the
vault business, and I know there are many other considerations that
are behind recommendations before they are issued to clients.
Sitting on this side of the equation now, it sure would be nice to
know what those considerations are so we can judge for ourselves if
they apply to our particular situation or not. But most times we
don?t get to know what the considerations were, so we need to take
the recommendations with a grain of salt. This discussion often
applies to Standards as well, but I won?t open up that can of worms
right now as I don?t have the time to gather them up and try to
stuff them back.

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