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Re: [AV Media Matters] Storage of ME video cassettes

Information on media storage and operating conditions is available
from various Media Vendors.  Quantegy (Ampex media) has lead in this
for years, but I think Sony issued some seminar papers, and the web
sites of the vedors should also have information.  As Sony is in ME
product, I would look at their web site; just search on Sony.  I
remember their media line was part of another division, and not
something obvious, but a link from their main site was found last
year when I was surveying who all might be doing DLT media.

I think because of the substrates, (plastics), the same low humidity
and temperature limits would apply to ME as to oxide formulations.
Maintaining a constant benign environment is the key to longivity in
most forms of media.

Hope you find a definite memo.

Stuart Rohre
Univ. of TX Applied Research Labs, Analog/Digital Tape Lab

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