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[AV Media Matters] ADS or NO ADS

Topica seems to be interested in advertising on the lists that are
hosted by them. No surprise really - but I wanted to hear from list
members if they have any strong feelings one way or the other. What they
are talking about are adverts that would be after the text of the
message. They also mention that the goal would be to pair appropriate
advertisers for the list subject - how exactly they would do that with
THIS list is going to be interesting.

At the moment they are asking for "volunteers" to try it out. They are
trying to entice list owners with money if they can advertise - how much
is very unclear -but there are some sort of topica "points". I suspect
that the amount of money will not significantly change my life - so I
would offer that the money would be used for a round of drinks at some
conference or the other where many of us may be at the same time, or we
could donate it to a worthwhile cause (the home for aged tapes - haha).
Maybe it will not be cash but will be something else - at the moment
this is unclear (at least to me).

Understand that there is nothing stopping them from advertising
regardless of what I say, but since they are asking I can give an
answer! -  SO - if you have an opinion about all of this please send me
an email to jim@vidipax.com - my personal account not to the list
please.  My personal feeling is that we do not need any advertising -
but on the other hand there may be products or services that are
interesting to us, and donating the money might be a good thing.  I
would like to open it up to comments from the list members - and I will
report back on what happens. Let me know if there are any strong
feelings one way or the other.


Jim Lindner - President
VidiPax - The Magnetic Media and Information Migration Full Services
Telephone 212-563-1999
Moderator of A/V Media Matters@topica.com

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