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Re: [AV Media Matters] ME Tapes for DV format


ME technology is very specialized and each tape manufacturer has their own
coatings that they apply after the evaporation process.

One "durability" test is to disable the still-frame timeout of the play
machine and scan the same place on the tape until the binder breaks down.
You can monitor the RF envelope and stop the test when the signal starts
"winking".  The humidity is a major variable so comparision of different
tapes must be done in the same environment.

This test should be repeated at least three times to be sure of
repeatability.  You will probably find that some tapes breakdown in a few
seconds and others may last for hours.

Make all of the tests on the same machine because machines have a lot of
variables.  Since you are trying to determine which tapes are really good or
really bad, you are only varying the tape type and not the machine.

Jim Wheeler

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