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Re: [AV Media Matters] Oldish audio equipment

In Houston there is a non-profit called Taping for the Blind. The name
explains it all. Perhaps someone locally would care to take them off your
hands and can continue to use them?

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Subject: [AV Media Matters] Oldish audio equipment

> 2000 Greetings:
>      This is a great listserv that will become all the more so as
> new technology creates increasingly complex matters related to those
> concerned about long-term preservation.
>      I have a relatively non-esoteric question: what--short of
> trashing--might subscribers suggest be done with such ancient open-reel
> recording equipment as Sony 800Bs, Uher 5000s, etc. that will probably
> function so long as they are repaired?  Here we've used cassette
> machines only for field interviewing since 1984, they having been
> purchased as the open-reel machines began malfunctioning--and a
> decision made at that time not to repair them....Meanwhile, I've
> continued to packrat them--though now have to unload them....Any
> thoughts on this problem, which others might have as well, would be
> appreciated!  Dale.
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