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Re: [AV Media Matters] tape baking

At 16:15 22/12/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Heck.  We still have no way of identifying what tape has sticky shed
>problems until it is played- or did I miss something.

A bad case is easy to spot, just try reeling off a few turns by hand.  If
the layers of tape show any tendency to stick to each other - you've got it!

If that seems OK, try playing a small section.  Any squealing or shuddering
of the tape across the heads is *highly* suspect.  Take the tape off the
machine and check the guides, heads etc., for any sign of sticky deposits -
you've got it again :-).

In any event, do not try and play through a whole reel and, most certainly,
do not try fast winding the tpae unless you are absolutely certain you are

Personally - and notwithstanding what others might say on the subject - I
bake *everything* from the suspect period if I have the slightest doubt
about it.  My personal view is the risk of baking is *far* lower than the
risk of destroying a possibly suspect tape. For all intent and purpose,
baking will not damage a good tape and will rescue a bad one.

Graeme Jaye

Personal-CD - Affordable Audio Restoration


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