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Re: [AV Media Matters] Film Rewashing / Vinegar Snydrome

Kodak's approach is not to take the risk of rewashing film where the
vinegar odor is apparent.  If the pH of this film is  below 4 (and you need
a quantitative pH test, not just indicator strips) the emulsion could fall
off.  We have record of an experiement done by Dr. Klaus Hendriks whereby
rewashed film was reincubated and the rate of acid formation was not
affected relative to film not rewashed.  Also I worry about photoflo being
used with color products as it is not compatible with most.  What we
recommend is to rewind the film slowly allowing the volatile acid to outgas
and then repackaging and storage with molecular sieves.

David F. Kopperl

Jim Lindner <jim@vidipax.com> on 10/12/99 02:57:39 PM

>Please respond to AV-Media-Matters@topica.com
>I have been thinking a bit recently about the Vinegar syndrome, and was
>wondering if anyone has done any research on the effectiveness or
>rewashing film in reducing acetate levels.  I have never heard it
>mentioned much, but it would seem to me that washing - perhaps in a
>solution of photoflow that is perhaps a bit alkaline might do a nice job
>of slowing down the process a bit.  It seems so obvious that I assumed
>that others had tried it - but I have spoken to several people about it
>now and I have only gotten a "that's interesting"...
>I was planning to do a bit of experimentation on it over here, but I
>thought I might ask if anyone has tried it and what the experience was?
>Jim Lindner
>The Full Service Magnetic Media Restoration Company

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