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[AV Media Matters] let's talk about DV.

Dear list,

It seems that there is a real gap between preservationists and the
film/video industry when it comes to how durable the respective
camps think DV is as a format.  Personally I encourage video
makers/filmmakers to bump all source footage from DV to BSP or DB
because they are both sturdy formats.  However, recently I was
talking to a friend (who is a well respected DV film-maker) who was
really adamant about DV's durability.  I tried to stress the
problems with DV such as dropout and that the tape is inherently
small and fragile to him. But he wasn't having it!   Can anyone give
me any real/concrete info?

I'm wondering if there have been any good studies done on the topic
and also just want to hear people's opinions on the subject.   Also
I realize there are several DV formats - I'd like to hear about them

Thanks for your thoughts,
Eleanor Harwood
Preservation Manager

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