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[AV Media Matters] Anyone wanna make a recomendation?

Hi folks-

I'll take advantage of the quiet (I presume this means busy) season to post
a request to you engineers currently using frame-synch and/or analog
TBC/proc's.  AMIPA needs to process a few VHS machine outputs, and has only
one BVT-800 to share with three 900 series umatics.  We're looking for a
good answer (read clean signal and cheap price, natch) for our proc needs.
Compatibility between YC/YRB is needed.  We do run things through a
composite switcher occasionally, so timing is an issue, but not the top of
my concern list.  I'm leaning away from any digital machines due to usual
concerns about sampling, as well as introducing audio frame delays.
Largely we will be  "preserving" umatic to BetacamSP (YC
- YRB).  Any specific product recommendations gladly perused!

Bob Curtis-Johnson
Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association

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