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Re: [ARSCLIST] Recording Innovations

On 25/06/2009, Jack Theakston wrote:
> The turntable was mechanically driven by the projector, and the record
> played from the inside out. Several safeguards were installed in case
> the needle jumped or there was any electrical interference.
> Never-the-less, by 1930, sound-on-disc was considered old hat and
> theaters installing sound almost entirely went to sound-on-film.
> The difference was amplification-- the key to motion picture sound.
> Before De Forest's Audion tube (and later triode) were in common use,
> acoustic recordings were not loud enough to fill 2,000+ seat
> auditoriums.

What I would like to know is, who was the first to design a mixing
circuit using a tube?

Presumably it was around 1916-20. The circuit had to exist before sound
film became practical.

Don Cox

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