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Re: [ARSCLIST] The First Symphony Orchestra in the World to Make Real Recordings of Classical Music

Having spent extensive time reseaching orchestral music on early
acoustic recordings, I would agree with "the first symphony
orchestra in the world to make a real series of classical
recordings." comment.

I would add that for me, more important aspect is that Edouard
Colonne was the earliest great conductor to have made orchestral
recordings of great music.  (rather than the 'real series'

Colonne was born in 1838, and you might like to read my comments
on this on the web page listed below.  Incidentally, I had the
date of some of the Colonne recordings as 1906-1907, but even
for the 1908-1909 date (which I believe may be correct), the
comments still apply.  Here is the webpage with some comments.


thanks and good luck,

Larry Huffman

PS: what is the two CD set to which you refer?

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I am reviewing a 2-disc set of historical recordings by the
Colonne which states that this body was "the first symphony
orchestra in
the world to make a real series of classical recordings."
Included are
some Pathe recordings of the Colonne, under its founder, made in

That's pretty early; I realize the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
recorded, not well and mostly without their knowledge, by Lionel
Mapleson in 1901-04. But apart from that, was there a
symphony orchestra in the world that committed itself to making
commercial recordings than the Colonne? Is everyone comfortable
that milestone, or are there exceptions? What say ye?


Uncle Dave Lewis
Ann Arbor MI 

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