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Re: [ARSCLIST] "As far as I know, it is the largest collection of jazz and popular standards albums in New York City."

I have known Will Friedwald since the mid-90s. I have seen his albums and I don't feel that his claim is necessarily verifiable, but it would also be hard to dis-prove. Unless you are in the NYC area, the size and quality of your collection is not particularly relevant in this discussion.

That said, it is hard to take the NY1 piece too seriously when they can't make the distinction between Verve and verb (though I guess Mel did make himself eloquently known verbally, on or off the Verve label).

Peter Hirsch

Roger Kulp wrote:

The Shorty Rogers Tarzan is among the mid priced pieces in a jazz collection I sold a few years back.One of the pricier pieces was a Ray Bryant on Signature.That went for over $500.00.
We all got better stuff than most of what I see here.I'm not impressed.My collection is at least twice this size.Half of them being 45s,so it takes up less room.


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