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Sadly. Arthur Badrock (like other UK "eccentrics," including Sir [IMO]
Brian Rust...?!) compiled about a gazillion documents listing various UK
labels in order! He also sold copies thereof (which NOBODY else did?!).

I was hoping that before my demise (which, given that I'm 66.5 yo?!) could
occur at any time...I could acquire all (or as close as possible thereto?!) of
these works...in order to improve my "LOEF78REM" (List of...usw.) and
bring it closer to its eventual goal!!

Allof us shellacophiles should ritually bow toward England on a daily ritual
basis...it is the English tolerance of, and support for, "eccentrics" that allows
99.9% of our discographic "support volumes" to exist!

I suspect that in the US Of A had someone approached the "Acme Publishing
Works" with an idea like "ADBD" they would have been shown the nearest
exit forthwith! OTOH, had the suggested volume been "The Complete
PRICE GUIDE to 78rpm Records," it would have been immediately

When I finally reach my goal...documenting EVERY known 78rpm
phonorecord...I am fortunate in that I only need convert it into HTML
and post it to the "net!" My "magnum opus" Dating Guide was, back
in 1980 or so, HAND-typed page-by-page using an Underwood #5
type-writer...and the results taken to "Print Three" and turned into
"books!" Sold over 500 of the result...?!

Steven C. Barr

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