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[ARSCLIST] SV: [ARSCLIST] DC Art Tools for restoring old 78's/DeNoise/DeClick





My replies were both rejected from the system telling it was sent before. I
hasn?t that. Please distribute this message to all of the users!






You wrote:


I use several "black box blinking lights" hardware audio processors.  


What kind of Black Boxes are you thinking about??



"ill be glad to post mp3 of samples"


Just do that, this was really impressive with so little digital artifacts
introduced. Digital artifacts is just what irritates me, much more
irritating than the whole recording unprosessed, I guess...

Especially on old 78 rpm discs


Do you really find this shareware better than DC7?

How about Sound Forge compared with DC7 and the share-wares???







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Emne: Re: [ARSCLIST] DC Art Tools for restoring old 78's/DeNoise/DeClick


I have used every thing from DC3 to the present DC7  restoration software
over at least 5  year period. 

I have produced restored audio for network television, independent record
company reissues.

This being said, i have found some basic software tools for  a lot less
money. here are the programs i  go with most of the time. 

For basic work page i use Sound Forge Audio studio 9.0, I like the full
screen work space for ease of editing and basic  audio manipulation.

For click and  noise removal a pair of shareware programs called "Click
repair" and "DeNoise" offer  an inexpensive alternative to DC7 and i think
fewer artifacts. Download at

The "Declick" offers adjustable  settings for crackle and scratch ticks.
DEnoise, lets you take a print of noise and a visual graph of  the
application which  you can set the floor and  amount of  reduction. Works so

In addition to the software I use several "black box blinking lights"
hardware audio processors.  

Hope this is helpful... ill be glad to post mp3 of samples.


calif USA


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