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Re: [ARSCLIST] Virgin Sacrifice

I have a photograph taken around 1910 of what appears to be a dedicated record store.  There are shelves full of cylinders, some cylinder phonographs and also a couple of flat-disc machines in view.  It looks as though this venue was selling records, rather than it being a listening parlor.

At least in England, it appears that there were dedicated record stores as far back as the 1920s--I have many old sleeves which imply that the store which sold that particular record specialized in this; it wasn't a musical instrument store or some other retailer which also happened to carry records.

Wallichs' Music City opened in Hollywood in 1940 and sold only records (I savor the memories of many visits to the chain's several Southern California stores before it went under in 1978).  And I have many 78-rpm albums with address stickers from retailers indicating that they were sold at "Record Shops," some of which may date to the late '30s.

--Randy Skretvedt

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