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Re: [ARSCLIST] Virgin Sacrifice

----- Original Message ----- From: "Jack Palmer" <vdalhart@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I certainly qualify as an old man. I'm even older than Mike! But even if I was willing to download the music only I could not obtain the artist and the music I want. It is only available from old 78s. Most of it has never been released on CD or even LP. So where does that leave me? Either look for the old records or forget the music I want to hear? So my choice is looking for the records. And I enjoy it. I have met so many interesting people and traveled across the entire US looking for the music. I can't travel anymore due to health problems but I still check out several mail order lists and on line listings. I feel I am doubly blessed. I get to hear the music and I also have the original artifact that the music was issued on. You have to be a record collector (of any age) to know what it is like.

Well, I'm nine days older'n dirt & twice as polluted (actually, 66.5 yo)...and
once I get my "78 deck" up and running...and IF its ceramic-cartridge output
works when fed into my sound card's "Line In" jack (it should!)...I hope to
convert as many as possible of my half-vast shellac archive's discoid contents
to digital files...and find a place to put them for "public consumption!" I'm
currently going through them one milk box at a time, creating MS Access-
based listings of my holdings...often surprising myself at my holdings!


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