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At 11:03 AM 06-17-2009 +0200, you wrote:
From: Big T <terence@xxxxxxxxx>
Re: [ARSCLIST] Fw: Decca/London phase 4 stereo series
Hi all
Anyone interested in the Phase 4 Stereo issued list as it is today is welcome to contact me.
I have attached it but don't know if it will get through.
OK so it didn't get through. email seems to be the answer.

FYI, at least on a trial basis, there is another option for files that cannot be attached to any posting on this list. As far as I can recall, neither ARSC nor anyone else has offered to do this before. I will accept for installation at my site, any ARSC related file, discography, etc. that any list member would like made public to the list and beyond. For more details, read on, otherwise you may ignore the rest of this message.

http://www.folklib.net/arsc/ (first draft, subject to change)

This page is for data files ARSCLIST subscribers can use for making publicly accessible any file that is not allowed to be attached to an E-Mail posting. E-Mail the page as an attachment directly to henkle@xxxxxxxxx . I will install it, add it to the Directory Contents list, and inform the sender of the resulting URL, They can then announce where subscribers, and everyone else, can permanently access the file.

Preferred file formats are HTML, TEXT or PDF, which are readable by everyone. Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, etc. are acceptable, but they may limit who can access them. GIF/JPG, etc. picture files are not acceptable because their textual contents are not accessible.

Each file remains the copyrighted property of the original submitter, and may be removed at any time upon request of the submitter. The Webmaster (ARSC member since 1999) and the files posted here have no official connection in any way to the Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) organization.

No public link to this page will be installed on my site until after the first page is installed. This service is ONLY available to subscribers to the ARSCLIST (ARSC members only) mailing list. If you are unwilling to have your full real name announced on-line as the author of the file, it will not be installed. To verify the submitter is a subscriber, any file URL not announced by the submitter on the list itself within 7 days of my notice of installation will be uninstalled.

Discography pages will also be listed along with the other 203 discographies here:
http://www.folklib.net/index/discog/on_site_discog.shtml - On-Site Discographies

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               Page description
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