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[ARSCLIST] Society for American Music Conference, Ottawa 2010

The Society for American Music invites proposals for papers, panels,
concerts, lecture-performances, and scholarly posters for its 36th Annual
Conference. The conference will be held in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) March
17-21, 2010. The submission deadline for all proposals is Monday, 22 June

For next year, the Society welcomes proposals involving all facets of
musical life in the Americas and manifestations of these cultures anywhere
in the world. For this conference we especially welcome proposals

* Cultural politics and the nation: the role of federal policies, government
institutions, and public organizations in the creation, performance, and
reception of music

* The role of French culture in shaping North American musical life, with a
focus on Quebec, but also including Acadian and Creole cultures.

* "The Idea of North" (to cite Glenn Gould).  [Are there measurable aspects
of an identifiable "Northern culture" in music, comparable to the U.S.'s
"Western" or "Southern" traditions?]

* Cross-border musical relations in the Americas (affecting musicians,
institutions, organizations, cultural policies, etc.)

* The impact of immigration on musical life in the United States and Canada

* Music in Canada, including classical, popular, aboriginal, and traditional
music (considered either in isolation or in contact with each other)

Additional details of the conference--as well as information on submitting
proposals--can be found at:

Michael Pisani
SAM 2010 program chair

Attention: Cal State Fullerton's area code and prefix are now 657-278.  The Fullerton campus and most of the Irvine campus phone and fax numbers now begin with 657-278 followed by the current extension number.

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