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Re: [ARSCLIST] Vaughn Meader

By the way, despite charting high on the Billboard STEREO charts, stereo
copies of the two First Family albums as well as My Son the Folk Singer
are very rare.  Of the thousands of copies of each that I have seen, I
have only three stereo copies of the 1st First Family, and one each of
Vol 2 and My Son.  During the phenominal sales period for these albums
Dec 62 thru 63 I never saw one stereo copy of any of these in dozens of
major stores in the NYC area.  I think that the reissues of the two
First Family albums have been mastered off of mono vinyl pressings.  

Mike Biel  mbiel@xxxxxxxxx

I vividly remember buying Volume 2 of THE FIRST FAMILY at Sam Goody in
Valley Stream, LI, right after it came out. On sale - think it was $2.88!

Near the front entrance, they had a BIG pile of the mono albums and a much
smaller stack of stereos side-by-side.  No shrink wrap!  I bought the mono. 

Dave Weiner

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