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Re: [ARSCLIST] Lubbock Texas Quartet Recording

salam, gharareh doreh aaly avaz  bezarim, mr ali jahandar

--- On Wed, 3/6/09, Peoples, Curtis <curtis.peoples@xxxxxxx> wrote:

From: Peoples, Curtis <curtis.peoples@xxxxxxx>
Subject: [ARSCLIST] Lubbock Texas Quartet Recording
To: ARSCLIST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wednesday, 3 June, 2009, 10:35 PM

I am conducting research about music and recording in Lubbock, Texas.  The earliest known recording of Lubbock music I have found, which I have a copy of, is the following:

Lubbock Texas Quartet (Columbia)

Vocal Quartet: acc. Unknown, g.    Friday, December 6, 1929
Dallas, Texas
149554-1    Turn Away    Co 15510-D
149555-2    O Mother How we Miss You    Co 15510-D

Cited from: Russell, Tony, et al. Country Music Records: A Discography, 1921-1942. Oxford University Press US, 2004, 515.

Does anyone know where I can obtain more information about these recordings, or the Columbia country/gospel series from the 20s that these recordings were a part of? 

Curtis Peoples
Crossroads of Music Archive
Southwest Collection, Texas Tech University
806-742-3749 *265
Box 41040
Lubbock, Texas 79409-1041

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