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[ARSCLIST] Cleaning of grooved discs- how about fungus?

Hi, I noted your posting on ARCSLIST:

 << We have a client with a number of boxes of grooved discs with fungus.  
suggestions about techniques or labs that offer the service would be
appreciated. >>

I presume these are grooved vinyl or shellac discs.   But if any are actetate 
(i.e. one-off recordable discs) there is another mechanism at work.   You may 
already know this but acetate discs over time sublimate acidic (acetic?) 
byproducts which may appear as mold (whitish dust adhering to surface) but are 

Two tips if this is the case:
1) Under no circumstance use any cleaner containing alcohol.   There are 
other chemicals to be avoided as well, perhaps other listmates can specify.
2) One specified chemical used to remove the surface material generated by 
this process is Ammonium Carbonate -- approx a tablespoon of powder in a gallon 
of distilled water.   Applicaton of this can be followed up with a very 
gentle, neutral surfactant like photoflo or products available from many fine 
vendors for gentle cleaning of disc surfaces.


Dave Radlauer

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