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[ARSCLIST] Sticky Emtec SM911 ??

Hello, Folks,

Has anyone found any sticky shed (or just shed) on EMTEC SM911?

I have an MRL calibration tape which MRL has graciously identified as being on EMTEC SM911. I am totally shocked as I thought this was one of the finest tapes available with little or no history of degradation.

The calibration tape was manufactured 2003-03.

Yes, I know I need to purchase new MRL calibration tapes, but this is indeed bad news for those tapes that we've recorded on SM911 in that time period if additional batches are subject to shedding.

The shedding was not advanced, but it definitely affected high frequency performance by building up on the head during the calibration process (and introducing response anomalies due to spacing loss).

I have not tried baking it, though I did once bake a much older (believed to be Ampex) MRL calibration tape and when it went through their QC process after baking, it still met specification.

All reports would be graciously received.




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