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Re: [ARSCLIST] basic question from a newbie

On Thursday, January 08, 2009 9:23 AM, Scott D. Smith wrote:
> It is relatively easy to deal with the metadata issues during  
> ingest-much more difficult to go back and re-visit it later.

Scott's point about metadata is a good one.  We will often make 
image scans of the cases, labels, and any enclosed notes that 
accompany the media.  If not an image scan, we will at least
transcribe this information.

We are seeing more collections go into dense off-site storage 
after they are digitized, making it much more difficult for
researchers to access and examine the physical item if they 
are looking for more information.  The image scans make for a 
more complete proxy of the original item, and subtle bits of
identifying information (ie. handwriting, markings, etc.) are 
preserved with an image scan.

Also, there are emerging standards for technical metadata, such 
as AES-X098B.  This information (media description, condition, 
transfer parameters, etc.) is truly best collected during

Eric Jacobs

The Audio Archive, Inc.
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fax: 408.549.9867
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