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Re: [ARSCLIST] Radio Dismuke New Year's Broadcast

I'm listening to the same thing. Just played a blue-wax Columbia. Now 1927 from the UK -- Savoy Orpheons (sp?)

Very enjoyable show. Thanks. Feed on LoudCity is quite decent quality. The playback quality coming out of Dismuke's studio is clearly good.

-- Tom Fine

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Didn't listen to the NY show but heard part of Nauck's. I have just checked at 154617 EET and they are playing Ol' Man River. New Year greetings from Finland. Darren

On 1 jan 2009, at 13.57, Jack Palmer wrote:

That's fine if you can sign on. I gave up after three tries. I wasn't able to sign on for Nauck's Show either. For some reason they don't want me listening to Radio Dismuke. Jack

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