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Re: [ARSCLIST] Absolute Polarity

The two speakers being out of polarity. For example, was doing the live sound for a play that featured lots of live music. The fella doing the sound effects (recorded) wanted to use the house sound system instead of putting the SFX through my system. When he turned it on, the speakers were out of polarity (so entrained to say "out of phase" though) so it all sounded wierd. Since this guy was the one who installed the system, I mentioned it and went on to feed his SFX through my system, and hope he'll correct it later on...


On Oct 20, 2008, at 1:21 PM, Clark Johnsen wrote:

I am one of those persons whose eyes tear up when presented with out of
phase stereo speakers.

That of course is a different matter.

I have been astounded to walk in a room and hear the effect of out of
polarity speakers being used in "professional" situations, even home

Now I'm confused. Do you mean phase or polarity here? If the former, then a
simple switch of one will rectify the situation. If the latter, then the
speakers (or something) must be switched to accommodate variant source

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