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Re: [ARSCLIST] Cassette players (pitch correction)

On 10/10/08, Tom Fine wrote:
> With voice-grade stuff, I just don't get too scientific about the EQ.
> Most of the stuff I've transferred was recorded so badly it needs some
> pretty serious EQ for enhanced audibility anyway, which I do by ear
> (no beefs from clients so far, many kudos). So net-net, it's far off
> the standard curve anyway. But your point is correct and one thing
> that gives pause about doing this for music-grade material is I've
> never seen the 3.75IPS playback EQ curve published anywhere so I
> wouldn't know exactly what to compensate when I halved the pitch.

A compressor can be useful for making inaudible voice recordings,
especially off-mike stuff, audible. 

Musicians use compression to enhance the transients in percussion, and
it does the same for consonants in speech. 

This assumes that you want to hear the words, rather than the exact
sound of the speaker's voice. 

Don Cox

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