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Re: [ARSCLIST] NY area appraiser?

I'm not sure whether the IRS rules or guidelines are still the same, but in the past I believe there have been rulings limiting donations of tapes to the cost of the materials--the raw tape itself-- and verifiable costs of making the tapes--labor, studio charges, talent fees, etc. This is different from commercially manufactured items like pre-recorded tapes which have an intrinsic value like a record would have.

Mike Biel mbiel@xxxxxxxxx

Andy Lanset wrote:
Friends,There is a donor interested in giving a tape collection to the WNYC
Archives.  However, they would like to get it appraised first.  As the
potential recipient of the gift, New York State law prohibits us from
placing a value on it.  Can anyone recommend folks in the New York metro
area who are qualified for the task?  Thanks.

Andy Lanset, Archivist
WNYC New York Public Radio

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