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[ARSCLIST] Radionette Multirecorder... track configuration, anyone?

Dear ARSC list,

The Radionette is a double decker tape recorder that records all the tracks
in the same direction, i.e. you had to spool back between tracks.
It is a Norwegian production, which was mostly sold in Norther Europe and
Great Britain.

There were 3 stages of development:
1. Radionette Multicorder (2-track)
2. Radionette Multirecorder FM (4-track)
3. Radionette Soundrecorder FM(4-track)

Now, we usually number the tracks' physical location on the tape as 1-2-3-4
from top to bottom.

In a conventional 1/3 - 4/2 recording maching, the chronological original
recording (or listening) sequence would be 1-4-3-2.

In the Radionette, however, we found an indication (online) that the
Radionette Soundrecorder FM records in the sequence 1-3-2-4.
(about 3/4 of the way down in

Does anyone know if this sequence is the same for nr 2, the 4-track
Radionette Mutirecorder FM as well? If not, what is the sequence?


Jacqueline von Arb
- Director, Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound (Norsk Lydinstitutt,
- General Manager, MemNor Audio Archiving Services (www.memnor.no)
- Vice President, IASA - International Association of Sound and Audiovisual
Archives (www.iasa-web.no)
+47 51 83 40 60 (direct work) +47 98 25 06 28 (mobile/cell)
Norsk Lydinstitutt is a partner of the EU-project Memories

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