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Re: [ARSCLIST] Crest Records / Silver Crest

Dear Eric (and List),

I can put you in touch with the current owner of the Golden Crest and Silver Crest archives. Just contact me privately. I have received permission to post a few Golden Crest releases available at: http://www.michlinmusic.com/audio.html


Erik Dix wrote:
Hello all!

I was wondering if anybody on this list would know what has happened to Crest Records.
At one point they were located in Huntington Station, NY
They did some vinyl custom recordings of the Collegiate Jazz Festival of the University of Notre Dame on Silver Crest in the 1960s.
Does anybody know if another record company bought them out. Do masters still exist somewhere?
Does anybody on this list own any of these recordings?
We have albums of finalist recordings for the years 1962-1965. According to a program of the Jazz Festival Crest Records also offered mono albums of individual bands. We don't have any of those.
Any help or leads are greatly appreciated.

Erik Dix
Notre Dame Archives

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