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Re: [ARSCLIST] on record: presidential debates 1908 style - The CD!!!

Yeesh!  I can't believe no one posted this before.
Collectors DAvid Giovanonni and Patrick Feaster -- allong with Rechard  
Martin and Megan Hennessy of Archeophone - (The folks responsible for rare  
Phonautograph presentation at this years ARSC Conference) have just released a  
fabulous CD of ALL the Taft and Bryan EDISON Cylinders. And the transfers are  all 
great! The 60 page booklet along is worth the price.  (Note that Ward  Marston 
did a similar great job on the disc recordings of the campaign a few  years 
Here's the link for the Archeophone CD. Highly recommended!
_Archeophone  Records » Debate '08: Taft and Bryan Campaign on the Edison 
Phonograph_ (http://www.archeophone.com/product_info.php?products_id=94)  
Steve Ramm

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