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Re: [ARSCLIST] Jazz Loft to see the light of day...

----- Original Message ----- From: "Michael Biel" <mbiel@xxxxxxxxx>
WOW! I can't begin to even imagine the legal and moral implications of thousands of hours of secret recordings made of professional musicians. Are the musicians, their heirs, and their record companies being contacted and PAID?????? I hate to put a fly in the ointment, but I would hate to see WNYC go broke from the potential lawsuits if these recordings are broadcast without authorization.

And that ain't the least of it!!

To begin with, this is taking place in the US Of A (or whatever remains
thereof after the upcoming depression...?!), where EACH and EVERY
sound recording ever "fixed" (I'm not sure whether they meant "spayed/
neutered" or "cracked /broken and adheed* back together" here...?!)
is considered "under copyright or similar restrictions as defined in
state laws" until January 1, 2067 (subject to change via RRIA
request...?!)...when I shall have reached the ripe old age of 126...?!

Then, of course, we can expect the Harry Fox Agency to collect all applicable publisher royalties...as well as the AFM demanding
whatever they CAN demand...?!

Redefined..."nevah hoppen, GI?!"

* "Adhee" is, of course, what ADHEsives do...?!)

Steven C. Barr

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