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Re: [ARSCLIST] NTSC betamax players

Hi Will!

I got a machine repaired here: http://www.mrbetamax.com/ The guy is very knowledgeable.
and bought one here: http://www.absolutebeta.com/

Not sure if they ship to the UK but I think those two companies are your best bet for working ntsc betamax machines.

Notre Dame Archives

Prentice, Will wrote:
We have around 10,000 PCM F1-encoded betamax tapes at the BL, which
we've spent the past few years transferring. Finding the equipment,
spare parts etc to achieve this has been a mammoth task, so imagine our
relief when we opened pretty much the last box of tapes to find ... some
NTSC tapes. Being in the UK we recorded all our tapes in PAL format, but
some of the final batch were recorded in the US.

Our PCM units are PAL/NTSC switchable and we can deal with the 44.056kHz
sampling rate, but we need an NTSC betamax player, preferably capable of
playing back the Hifi analogue track too. Other than ebay, can anyone
suggest useful places to start looking? I imagine we'll need to ship
something from North America.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Will Prentice
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