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Re: [ARSCLIST] Odd way to get out of a record you didn't want issued

You can hear the audio of that TV tower coming down on this episode of "Radio Was There," a new project from listmember Neal Ellis:

For what it's worth, to my ears, Neal has the best-sounding MP3 OTR stuff out there. Plus a fascinating mix of content:

Back to northern hurricanes, we got lucky this year. The gulf stream was close in on the east coast, which caused some of the bizarro weather in the late spring and early summer. Every weekend my wife and I headed up to the mountains, it was bad weather for a long stretch there, atypical. Anyway, when the gulf stream is like that, hurricanes can ride it north and come ashore in the northeastern US and Canada. As we saw with the two big ones down south this year, it's not as much the wind as the flooding that's lethal. I had a whole bunch of tree-trimming done on my property in the spring, figuring that statistically we're due for a bad storm out of the east, but it didn't happen. I'll take the good fortune even with the slimmer wallet, anyday.

-- Tom Fine

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I remember Carol. The eye passed directly over our suburban Boston house. We had power longer than most, because the lines were buried. About the only thing I remember (other than my Mom playing scrabble with a neighbor) was the TV tower at WBZ and the steeple of the Old North Church both blowing over.

John Ross

At 9/28/2008 09:09 PM, David L wrote:
Carol sounds like the culprit, since it hit Connecticut and the record company was there. I don't remember Carol..we heard about Edna a lot that September (we were moving from downtown Toronto the suburbs of North York on September 15, 1954) and we sure heard about Hazel.


Richard L. Hess wrote:
At 11:33 PM 2008-09-28, David Lennick wrote:
I've heard of records being destroyed in shipping, in a fire at the pressing plant, in an accident during processing, but I've never heard of a record being unissued because the entire stock was destroyed during a hurricane. Edna or Hazel, I wonder?
Hi, David,
It appears that it could be Carol or Edna
Hurricane Hazel was more of a Toronto thing...
Here is a summary of all of them (scroll down for Hazel)
Wow! 1954 was a really bad year for northern hurricanes. Let's hope Kyle dosent bother our friends in the Maritimes too much!

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