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Re: [ARSCLIST] Wollensak (was: cassette crackle)

At 10:12 PM 2008-09-18, Michael Biel wrote:
Michael Biel wrote:
> >... ...My first machine 48 years ago was an ill-fated Wollensak T-1616

Richard L. Hess wrote:
That is an odd coincidence, so was mine! Did it really come out in 1960? I must have gotten it towards the end of the run, as I think I got mine in 1962 or 1963. I know I had it in 1963 as I recorded a bunch of Kennedy funeral off-air stuff which I still have.
Then you must have gotten one of the good ones. I got mine too early.

I saved my money for several years and bought the T-1616-4 and we had the local TV repairman remote an RCA jack for my phonograph for the second channel amplifier for stereo. Alas, he didn't really understand about "hot chassis" and I can't believe we didn't blow something up. While the power amp in the Wollensak was a hot chassis (to line), it was isolated in and out by audio transformers if I recall correctly.

My T-1616-4 was in the shop more than it was out and had an annoying tick-tick-tick related to the capstan flywheel, I guess. I finally said, I'm going to learn how to fix this blasted thing myself and dug into the Sams PhotoFact and took it apart and fixed a whole bunch of minor irritations, including fabricating a replacement for a cracked plastic lever out of brass tubing and solder.

However, this was one of those machines that recorded better than they played back. There were worse machines, and the styling was pretty cool. I had lusted after the later T1818 but then got a used Tandberg 74b in 1969 and gave the Wollensak away and never looked back. I had the Tandberg until about 1982 and gave that away.

I bought several ReVox A77s from about 1972-1980, and ended up with four by 1981. I sold two of them in 2000 (the two 7.5/15 machines to two friends who were copying 15 in/s tapes and didn't ahve any machines to play them on).

In 1998 I bought my first Sony APR-5000 and obtained my first Studer A810 in 2001-2002. I got my A80s in 2006 or early 2007



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