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Re: [ARSCLIST] cassette crackle

Were these tapes all recorded by the same person on the same system? If so, it's probably something intermitent (sp?) in the original recording chain -- a dirty connector or the like. If they are off-air recordings from the radio, any number of atmospheric and in-house electrical things can cause crackles. If they are, for instance, Grateful Dead concert recordings made off a common buss from the mixing console or even from a shared mic array, anything from connector-itis to electrical spikes to things happening on-stage can cause crackles. And of course, if they are from LPs or other grooved disks, that could just be surface problems.

-- Tom Fine

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Here's a thing that's been confusing me for some time. I have spent the past six months working my way through a large number of cassette tapes mostly recorded between 1985 and 1995. every now and again I notice light, but significant crackling. This is often more noticeable in the right channel, but not exclusively so. On some recordings this is louder, on most recordings this is not evident at all. This is not restricted to any one brand of cassette, nor is it associated with any one playback machine and/or soundcard. Can anyone explain this for me?

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