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[ARSCLIST] movie at Archive.org details RCA Living Stereo early recording session


some of the footage from this movie, a brief excerpt, showed up in a later Living Stereo-specific movie in 1958. This movie had not appeared in any of my earlier searches of Archive.org so it may be new up there. Details shots of the 1956 2-track stereo recording session in Boston of Tchaikovsky's "Romeo and Juliet" music by Munch/BSO. I believe two of the RCA guys shown are John Pfeiffer, producer and Louis Layton, engineer. I do not know who the other two guys are, the third guy at the console might be a musicians' union guy.

I spotted at least 5 microphones in the hall, maybe six. The console seems to allow for at least 6 mics.

This recording seems to be out on reissue LP (a reissue of the later stereo LP pairing it with Strauss):
and on JVC XRCD2 deluxe CD:
It does not appear to have been part of the BMG hybrid SACD releases but was issued as an early-era CD by RCA/BMG:
now out of print.

-- Tom Fine

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