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Re: [ARSCLIST] Bix Beiderbecke "reissue" 78's

Most Columbia pre-WW2 jazz reissues derive from original metal parts, and 
post-war pressings are always dubs. I suspect that the post-war popularity 
of record changers prompted new pressings with lead-in and "improved " 
lead-out grooves that activated changer mechanisms more aggressively. 
Sometimes you can spot altered lead -out grooves on pressings from 
original metals.  The 1937 Bessie Smith memorial album and four 1933 
Goodman titles reissued on the special BENNY GOODMAN label (3167-D, 
3168-D) were all dubbed.  They also marked the end of Columbia's 1-D 
series, created in 1923.

Victor reissued a lot of 1920s jazz on Bluebird from the mid-30s onward, 
from both original and dubbed metals.  Album reissue setsof JR Morton, 
McKinney's Cotton Pickers etc. appeared in both Canada and the US. 
Canadian sets use original parts;  US equivalents are dubbed. 

Victor kept most of its Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers titles available 
in the Bluebird and Montgomery Ward catalogs through the 1930s,  The first 
Bluebird B-5000 series reissues were dubbed, just about everything else 
used original parts.


Steven Smolian <smolians@xxxxxxxxx> 
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Re: [ARSCLIST] Bix Beiderbecke "reissue" 78's

Jeff Wheeler has a book in progress on this isssue-er-reissue situation.

Steve Smolian

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> Biltmore, not Biltmor..Biltmor was a Canadian label around 1950. Funny 
> about dropping the final E on common names..there was a label up here 
> called Yorkshir as well. We drop Es and add Us.
> Biltmore, Temple, Sentry (and a few others) all put out dubs of rare 
> 78s. Some of them weren't too atrocious. Some were..but how else were 
> going to say you owned a copy of Zulu's Ball?
> dl
> David Lennick wrote:
>> Sweet Sue was a dub, and there are two versions..the complete original 
>> (4:25 or so) and one with the "florid introduction" removed. We had the 

>> set with the complete version but the liner notes were unchanged, so 
>> years I wondered how much longer the original could have been! I didn't 

>> find the shorter version till just a few years ago.
>> And the second album is definitely all dubs, but all the Columbia 
>> albums were dubs by this time, like Crosby Classics Volume II. In fact 
>> Columbia was dubbing older European classical masters as well c. 1950.
>> Did Boris Rose have anything to do with Biltmor? I've seen some 
>> where the labels were the blank sides of old Biltmor labels.
>> dl
>> David Weiner wrote:
>>> Some of the Columbia reissues - especially the first album,  are 
>>> master pressings. I think the later album is all dubs.
>>> The Biltmores are definitely all bootleg dubs.
>>> Dave W.
>>> ----------------------
>>> Hi All:
>>> I am interested in details about two Bix Beiderbecke reissue 78's.
>>> First of all, the albums put out by Columbia in the late 40's, 
>>> of
>>> Okeh records -- were those made from old metal parts or are they dubs 
>>> old records?
>>> Second, what's the story on the 78's put out on the Biltmore label? 
>>> These
>>> seem to be either licensed reissues or bootlegs of old Gennett and 
>>> Victor records, of the Wolverines
>>> and the Whiteman band.
>>> Thanks in advance for any answers!
>>> -- Tom Fine

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