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Re: [ARSCLIST] Bix Beiderbecke "reissue" 78's

Sweet Sue was a dub, and there are two versions..the complete original (4:25 or so) and one with the "florid introduction" removed. We had the set with the complete version but the liner notes were unchanged, so for years I wondered how much longer the original could have been! I didn't find the shorter version till just a few years ago.

And the second album is definitely all dubs, but all the Columbia reissue albums were dubs by this time, like Crosby Classics Volume II. In fact Columbia was dubbing older European classical masters as well c. 1950.

Did Boris Rose have anything to do with Biltmor? I've seen some lacquers where the labels were the blank sides of old Biltmor labels.


David Weiner wrote:
Some of the Columbia reissues - especially the first album,  are mostly
master pressings. I think the later album is all dubs.

The Biltmores are definitely all bootleg dubs.

Dave W.

Hi All:

I am interested in details about two Bix Beiderbecke reissue 78's.

First of all, the albums put out by Columbia in the late 40's, reissues of
Okeh records -- were those made from old metal parts or are they dubs of old records?

Second, what's the story on the 78's put out on the Biltmore label? These
seem to be either licensed reissues or bootlegs of old Gennett and Victor records, of the Wolverines
and the Whiteman band.

Thanks in advance for any answers!

-- Tom Fine

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