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Re: [ARSCLIST] Electric cylinders

> Jerry and Ron, is there any paperwork about this at the site?  

Mike-  Ron Dethlefson has a chapter on those Ediphone training cylinders 
made using the Blue Amberol materials in his book "Edison Blue Amberol 
Recordings", 1912-1914, pp. 197-203.  

I don't work with the paper archives here at Ediosn NHS, just sound 
recordings and phonographs.  Please contact our Archivist Lenny DeGraaf, 
email:  leonard_degraaf<at>nps<dot>gov

> Is the equipment still around somewhere?

No, there is no 1940s-1950s Ediphone Blue Amberol manufacturing equipment 
at Edison NHS.  You might try asking at the Henry Ford Museum.

-Jerry Fabris

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