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Re: [ARSCLIST] Stanley Holloway vinyl

Thomas Stern wrote:
Hi David,
  Thanks!  Do either carry the Judson stamper numbers (crossed out) ??
Best wishes, Thomas.

No..both are remastered. And as I mentioned, the Golden swaps the last cut on each side (or the label says it does..I haven't played the discs).


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Okay..I have this album twice.

Wonderland 1415 (label reads Riverside RLP 1415), The Elephant Alphabet
(produced by Bill Grauer Productions Inc.)

Golden Wonderland GW 222, What Happened At The Zoo (A.A. Records Inc.)

GW acknowledges Milton Kaye but lists no other musicians and omits the
songwriters, who are credited on the Riverside/Wonderland LP. Both contain
same blurb "Welcome to Wonderland" and both contain a little blurb (not the
same one) about Holloway. Track order is slightly different..Golden LP
the last cut on each side, or at least the labels say so.


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